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Perfect picture offers the highest quality new wiring. Did you move into a new apartment? Are your TV needs not being met? Are you currently unable to watch TV in bed? Call us today!


Perfect Picture Antennas have the solution for you. We can add additional TV ports in as many rooms as you desire. Remember, our TV antenna services include everything you need to give you that reception you always wanted.

An additional television outlet in any room may solve your viewing problems and can usually be connected to your current antenna system.


We also offer Tuning and Setting Up new TVS, why use rabbit ears or indoor antennas that produce poor reception when a call us at Perfect Picture Antennas and we can give you clear reception and solve your viewing needs.

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100% Money Back Guarantee: You Need It, We Gladly Provide It.

With a local installer you can be confident the technician who installs your antenna also lives in your area, ensuring that you benefit from his local knowledge and expertise.

There will be no evidence we have been there, apart from crystal clear reception! Youll never miss your favourite show again.

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